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Internet Advantage

In every community, there are a lot of real estate agents. As you choose who will represent you, you may look for a number of attributes and skills, and I would suggest that you include the agent's ability to use the communication power of the Internet as a marketing tool as one of these considerations.

Why Use the Internet?

It must be difficult making a living as a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman these days! The word is out ... if you want information, and you want it to be right up to date, the Internet is your best source. House listings often appear online before they reach the printed page, so fewer and fewer real estate salespersons are buying printed MLS booklets. It's much easier to look at MLS listings online and get the most recent entries.

The Internet has quickly become the best way for buyers to compare the properties available, and for sellers to have their properties noticed in the market.

The Difference I Can Make As Your Agent

Remember - there is a difference between using the Internet, and using it effectively. My 22 years of experience as a webmaster can serve you well as I prepare a high quality presentation for your property, and get it online promptly.

For Buyers, I can use sites like this one:, and the websites I build for each new listing, to provide information that goes well beyond what is provided in MLS listings. This can save a lot of time, because you will have a much better sense of whether or not a property will appeal to you, long before you visit it.

If you are working with me at a distance, I can also visit properties for you ahead of time, then supply you with pictures and my own observations so you can decide if a personal visit is warranted.

For Sellers, I can use my websites and the website I build for your listing to draw attention to your property and convey a better, more complete impression to potential buyers. There are a lot of properties for sale. I can make yours stand out and provide buyers with more reasons to take the time to schedule a visit.

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* A complete website for each listing.

MLS listings and print ads are great, but do they really give prospective buyers the best introduction to your home or property?

I create a custom website for each property I list, designed to go well beyond the usual presentation of facts and figures. Your website will tell buyers more about your property, with extended graphics collections with a slideshow and/ or YouTube video, and information about your community, with links to the great cultural, recreational, and commercial facilities in our region.

* Referrals from my "" website.

As the baby boomers retire, many of them are fulfilling life-long dreams and migrating from the city to rural areas. A couple of years ago I set up the website to help people making this transition. Now this website can be used to contact people interested in moving to the Quinte area. When I get a call asking if a property like yours is available, let me invite them to view the website and video I have prepared for you

All of my listings for farms, acreage, village properties and waterfront will automatically appear on this top-ranked site.

Note: usually comes up in first place for Google or Yahoo searches in Canada related to "moving to the country"!

* And Everything Else

In addition to the special marketing features listed above, I also use all the conventional marketing tools employed by most realtors - print ads, MLS listings, signs on the lawn, and open houses.

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